No Nonsense Seller


First off my wife and I are very happy and satisfied with the completed sale of home and property.
Did we get what we had hoped for in regards to price$ ???  Well …..NO. But the fact that we were advised at the beginning of the listing as
to what the reality was due to market conditions, absolutely….YES. You as a professional dealing with the day to day markets helped us immensely to make sound decisions.
The proof  is in the fact that it only took 31 days on the market to bring a viable sale to the table with an acceptance and closing by both parties.

In light of market conditions, this was unheard of, almost. So often we hear of doom and gloom and frustrated sellers who can not get the job done. Why is that, do we ask?
First , they need to contact Pete Puga who is a realist and no pie in the sky type sales person. You tell it like it is, and all too often people do not listen to the facts and have way higher expectations than are attainable. You were extremely helpful in the negotiating part of the sale. This for us was very helpful, in the condition of us being absent and 1700 miles away. Your skills in advising and keeping us in touch with the minute by minute progression was deeply appreciated. Promptness and telling the truth can be a difficult thing for sales type positions, here is where you excel.  This  I can attest to, being in our own business of  sales and service of specialized equipment. Telling the customer what they want to hear is not always in the best interest of either party.

So in closing, the sale is done, $$$$$ in the bank, both parties are happy. What more can we ask for?  Not much, really. When you need plumbing call a plumber, need to sell real estate call Pete and get it done right the first time……

Sincerely, John & Dianne Weiger   
               Tomahawk, Wisconsin

PS. Keller Williams is very fortunate to have good experienced agents such as yourself, we should all be so lucky. Thank You and happy selling in the future

— No Nonsense Seller